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Syllable started as a company of small team working towards bringing micro service oriented applications into todays complex business process environment; transforming complexities of business logics into interconnected self modulated and behaviour driven platforms. Platform that mimics neural networks and advances itself through machine learning technology to understand the real world scenarios better than the process itself. We at Syllable believe in systems that simply inherits your business logics without changing the way you do business. 

This is how we came up with the Field Management System with increased productivity through micro services and through vigilance of business intelligence. Our vision for business applications is not to reinvent the wheel of myriad of middleware already stacking up on your inbox but to simplify the existing platforms into isolated process handler. Connect anything to everything. 

Syllable formed in Washington in 2014 as a consulting service provider for IT procurement, HR empowerment and helping enterprises to migrate into the future of web technology. We experience the stress of overdone applications with our customers so we can find the solution together without losing any bytes while taking the leap. We are confident that you will find our inquisitive attitude worth of your time.

Syllable sums up decades of business experience, collaboration and design aesthetics in one place

Every aspect in our development process considers real work challenges and human factor in task perception. We believe in minimalistic design and functionality build with customers experiences through qualitative and quantitative data. Product designer has to dive into the scenario themselves to identify the problem, understanding the needs of customers and pick the best tools to build the product.

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